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How to apply

We know that applying for A Levels and Sixth Form can be a daunting task. Remember, we know you so please come and see us for help. You will have had or will been having a one-to-one interview with a senior member of Grey Court Staff. This is your contact throughout the application process. They will guide and inform you, impartially, to help you make the right decision for you. Whether its 4 A levels, 1 Level 3 BTEC and an A Level or a different mix with an Apprenticeship, we are flexible enough to accommodate your needs and informed enough about you to be of real help through the process.

Applying for a Sixth Form place at Grey Court is as easy as A B C

If you are applying for a Sixth Form place from a school that is not using UCAS Progress follow the instructions below. If you are applying through UCAS Progress click HERE and search for Grey Court School

If you have any questions about Grey Court Sixth Form or the application process please do not hesistate to contact our sixth form admission's officer at We are happy to arrange a visit to our school or to speak with you at any time.

Applying from a school not using UCAS Progress

If you are applying for a place with Grey Court Sixth Form from another school that isn't using UCAS Progress, you need to register using the green register tab on the top right hand corner of the entry page of UCAS Progress. UCAS Progress will then send you an email, so you can activate your account.

If your school does not come up on the list of current schools, then go to 'I can't find my school' and you will be able to register

You need to have an activiated account before you can use all the features of UCAS Progress. You can still use the search without creating an account, but you won't be able to save any favourites or make applications.

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