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Headteacher's Update - 11 September 2020


Dear Grey Court Community

It has been a truly uplifting experience to finally complete a week with all students in the era of the 'new normal'.  Our attendance is presently 98% which shows just how keen the students are on returning to Grey Court, and also, perhaps, your relief that you can return them to our care.  Long may this continue.  All year groups have been overwhelmingly cooperative with the new systems and protocols in place, whilst some of the recreational activities are no longer available they have been very accepting of the need to adapt to the new regulations and have very much enjoyed catching up with friends.  

A big thanks to all parents who have provided packed lunches for the children during the first week.  The canteen numbers have been slowly rising and they have coped admirably with the new regulations.  If students now want to revert to eating at school rather than bringing a packed lunch then please do so.  Due to the new restrictions, we are unable to use the water stations and the filling machine.  Students must bring their own water with them, if absolutely necessary water is available to be bought from the canteen and recycling stations for plastic bottles are available.  We will provide water at all extracurricular clubs. 

As fixtures and trips are currently curtailed the staff has been extremely proactive in providing in-school enrichment activities.  These opportunities are essential as they provide extracurricular activities that engage and enthuse students.  Please find the PE extracurricular and the faculty extracurricular timetables.  I urge all students to attend at least one of these clubs every week.

Another big thanks to all parents who have encouraged their children to walk or cycle to school.  We somewhat underestimated the number of cyclists and have need to install additional racks this week due to demand. I urge students to be vigilant when commuting to and from school, they should all be wearing helmets and attempting to travel in small groups as much as possible. The staggered start time seems to have worked well in alleviating the pressure on the buses and thus far we have seen no adverse effects in terms of student punctuality.  Well done everybody.

As the new 'rule of 6' comes into operation from Monday all members of our student body have been addressed about the need for them to behave in a socially responsible manner.  Mercifully the cases in both Richmond and Kingston are close to the national average and although they have risen marginally they are nowhere near as high as other urban areas in the UK. To maintain or to lower the infection rate we must all play our part if we are to avoid another crushing lockdown.

Our weekly eBulletin is available today.  This is an invaluable resource that allows parents real insight into all matters at Grey Court.  Please do take the time to read the edition as it will allow you to have a greater understanding of our goals, needs and achievements.  It should also allow parents to discuss school matters with their children.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the Grey Court Community who have sent messages of thanks and encouragement as we begin the academic year.  The kind words are much appreciated in these challenging times.  Have a great weekend and take care.

Yours faithfully

Chris Rhodes

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