Important Messages: ACADEMIC TUTORING DAY: Thursday, 3 December 2020 (School will be closed to students)
Headteacher's Update - 1 September 2020


Dear Grey Court Community

We are very much looking forward to seeing our students and reopening this week.  Many things have needed to be altered and new systems and protocols will await our young people.  It is essential that all stake holders reassure the children that we are ready for them, and that we have done everything possible to ensure that we can provide an exceptional educational provision whilst keeping people safe.
We will constantly review and seek to improve our daily practice but I urge parents to undertake a few basic checks to ensure that the return is as smooth as possible.  We highly recommend that students travel to and from school either by bike or on foot.  There will be some additional bus services during peak hours but given the reduced bus capacity, it is better if students can avoid them as a means of transport.  Tutors will be checking student equipment on a weekly basis but given the situation we need the children to be fully equipped to learn.  We cannot lend equipment so please ensure that students have everything they need for the day.  I would also ask that parents check the new arrangements for their children as the school day will be staggered in terms of start and finishing times from September (click here)
In addition, there will not be a break service and we strongly recommend that students bring their own water and packed lunches for the first two weeks whilst we refine the dining options, given the need to keep year groups apart and the need for additional cleaning. Whilst we will have a lunch service from the first day it would be very helpful if fewer students than normal took this option.
All students may wear face masks as they transition between lessons.  Teachers can use visors in the classroom if they wish.  Due to our somewhat elaborate one way system we will hugely reduce the numbers of students who will pass each other inside the building on the way to lessons. Keeping transition mainly outside is a key preventative measure which still allows us to teach the entire curriculum.
Certain students may be subject to the quarantine restrictions that apply to several foreign countries.  If this does apply to your child please contact the attendance office and ensure that we are informed as to when we can expect them to return.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your overwhelming help and support during the enforced closure.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to assist your child.  The 'new normal' will present a number of challenges.  By working collaboratively and always being focused on solutions to help the children we will continue to prevail in the face of uncertainty.
Yours faithfully
Chris Rhodes


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