Important Messages: ACADEMIC TUTORING DAY: Thursday, 3 December 2020 (School will be closed to students)
GCSE Press Release


GCSE Press Release – Grey Court School 2020 


“Building on our A-Level results last week, we are delighted to announce once again our school has achieved an outstanding set of GCSE and BTEC results.  The fact that students, across all ability levels, performed exceptionally well and made progress is commendable. It should not be the case that government policies and U-turns should in any way tarnish or take away the success of our wonderful young people.

Some of the individual student performances are staggering in terms of the number of optimum grades attained.  Whilst acknowledging the enormous achievements of the most able is very important, what gives me the greatest pleasure is the consistent progress that our students make irrespective of their ability or starting point.  We are a truly inclusive school that embraces an 'Every Child Every Day' philosophy and this along with the fantastic support and dedication of our parents and our wonderfully resourceful teachers have allowed us to scale such heights.  As Head teacher, I feel immensely proud of the achievements of our young people - Well done everybody.” Christopher Rhodes.

Adrian Welbeck, who also was pleased with his grades, said “I was so shocked. They were even higher than I was expecting.”

Achiever Georgie Marx was delighted with her results commenting “I’m ecstatic. I would really like to thank all of my teachers for helping me make this happen.”

Oliver Piers said after opening his results “I am looking forward to coming back into the Grey Court Sixth Form to do English Literature, Chemistry and Maths.”


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