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Headteacher's Update - 3 July 2020



Coronavirus - 3 July 2020

Dear Grey Court Community,

It is very reassuring to finally have confirmation that we will be returning to school in full in September.  Certain alterations will need to be made, but we will balance the need to safeguard the wellbeing of all stakeholders whilst pursuing our broad and balanced, aspirational and inspirational curriculum.  Having only received the official guidance yesterday, my senior leadership team along with local governors and trustees will be working diligently on producing a plan which we intend to share with parents, staff and students before the end of term.

We will be issuing a brief progress check for all students in Y7-10.  This report will not contain attainment grades or GCSE predictions.  The focus will be on reporting the level of engagement that each child has shown during the enforced shutdown along with the quality of work that they have produced.  Whilst lockdown has been difficult for everybody, certain families have experienced unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety.  It is for these reasons that I have asked staff to be as positive as possible and the reporting categories of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze have been specially chosen for these purposes.  In addition, there will be a tutor comment that will provide an opportunity for a pleasant goodbye message and some encouraging words before we break for the summer holidays.

5 in a row! Well done Grey Court on a comprehensive victory in the virtual borough sports day held last Wednesday.  In both categories (participation and overall distance) our students were victorious.  Well done to the PE staff who worked tirelessly in promoting and coordinating this event.  Click here for the results.

The Borough has not yet managed to compile results for both parents and staff but judging on these results we can await the final standings with quiet and unassuming confidence.
I am in absolute awe of how our teachers have come up with such an amazing array of challenges for next week's KS3 Activities Week and Year 10 Careers Days.  This is all in addition to their online lessons and face to face teaching for Year 10 and Year 12.  Parents, please have a look at the programme with your child and see if there's any particular equipment they might need.  It should all be things you have readily available around the house.  Teachers will be online to answer questions during each session apart from break times, between 10.15 and 10.45am, and 1.45.and 2.15pm.  Please note that registration will be slightly later Tuesday to Thursday next week from 8.45-9.00am.  Our key worker students will also be taking part at school but their schedules may differ slightly to the rest of the year group so we can fit it all in. I really hope our young people enjoy the challenges but please do not hesitate to contact ahurley@greycourt.org.uk if you have any queries.

The grand finale of our Activities Week will be our sports day.  The challenges for this event have been taking place for a number of weeks but next Friday will be the actual day of competition.  There are further details in the eBulletin but tutors have been referring to the plans this week and students should be secure in the knowledge of how to compete, record participation statistics etc.  To get the competitive juices flowing our indefatigable PE department have produced a motivational and very humorous video; please enjoy and have a great sports day.

Our last day of term is 17th July and we will be holding virtual celebration assemblies with all year groups.  The phase leaders are busy compiling video clips from tutors and using the results from engagement focus month to structure the award giving.  As well as this, Mr Willmore will have some airtime during the assemblies and will announce the results of the overall house competition, and there will also be some parting works from Ms Jackson before she leaves us to take up the position of Headteacher at Hollyfield school.  Following the assemblies all tutors will be holding a virtual tutor group party that will continue until our normal final day finish time of 12pm.  

Please take the time to read this week's eBulletin.  The newly appointed senior prefect team are revealed.  Congratulations to all of them and I look forward to us working closely in September.  There are further comments, observations and deductions as Grey Court continues to reference the extremely important 'Black Lives Matter' movement.  There are some fantastic competitions and awe inspiring feats of fundraising; awesome art and creative cooking also feature prominently.

Finally I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy weekend.  I suspect the beer gardens of Richmond and Kingston may well receive your patronage in the coming days.  Please do enjoy.  Take care.

Yours faithfully

Chris Rhodes


Message from the Grey Court Parents' Association 
An update on the school library fund

We are really excited to let you know that we have surpassed our fundraising target of £7000 and have raised £7695. This is wonderful news and we wanted to thank everyone who has donated to the library refurbishment. 

Our students will benefit from any additional funds raised which will go towards improving the resources available to our children. Therefore, we have decided to keep the donation page open till midnight tonight.

We are so lucky to have such generous parents, teachers, and an amazing Grey Court community.

Hoping everyone stays safe and healthy
Lou, Amira and Michaela.


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