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Headteacher's Update - 26 June 2020


Dear Grey Court Community,

I would like to thank everybody who participated in the 'Borough Virtual Sports Day' on Wednesday.  In the face of searing temperatures there were some herculean accomplishments.  Some parents completed over 100 kilometre cycle rides, staff walked a marathon, and in the parks and by the river there were many members of our community jogging along and earning valuables kilometres and enhancing our participation ratios.  The organisers have been inundated with responses and are now unable to reveal the winners today.  The results are promised on Monday.  Whatever the outcome we should be immensely proud of our achievements.  Well done everybody.

This week is the last in our 'Engagement Focus Month'.  At the time of writing, we have sent out 5906 'e-certificates' across the last 4 weeks.  These certificates acknowledge and recognise the hard work of our young people.  The results from the programme will be used to inform prizes and rewards that will be given out as part of our celebration assemblies.  These virtual celebration assemblies will be held for year groups 7,8,9,10 in the final week of term.  Formats and timings are under discussion and further details will be provided next Friday. 

There will not be exams for Y10 students this year, instead exams will take place for the Y11s (this year's Y10s) at the start of term in September. The rationale behind this decision is that we want to ensure that students stay engaged with their learning during the summer holidays and, crucially, we want to assess the progress students have made during lockdown. These exams will provide us with key information on each student and thus will allow us to start targeted interventions with those students who need it most.  Further details on the exams, and guidance on what to revise, will be sent out next week. I appreciate that usually the summer holiday is a time when students are not used to doing school work. We are not suggesting that students should work all day every day, they should have a good break; however, as the holiday draws to an end we would suggest students are regularly engaging with revision. 

We are pleased to announce that following successful liaisons between Richmond Rugby Club, Grey Court and Ham Youth Centre, there will be a series of activities along with a free healthy lunch for some of our students throughout the summer holidays.  Richmond Rugby club will be preparing the food at their ground and delivering it to the youth centre.  We will be contacting the families that are eligible for this fantastic initiative prior to the end of term.

Y9 students have now received confirmation of their options for next year.  Subjects will now be increasing the amount of content they are setting as they begin the transition from KS3 to KS4.  As the level of challenge and content will increase, we no longer require Y9 students to complete work in subjects that they will not be continuing for GCSE next year.  The periods that they are no longer completing the set work should be used to catch up on core subjects and their option subjects for next year.

I'm sure the students are longing to find out what we've got in store for them during Activities Week, starting on Tuesday 6th July!  Well, they're going to have to wait a bit longer but I think I can safely say that by the end of the week, we should have some highly competent chefs, tour guides, treasure hunters, engineers and performers on our hands!  On Friday 10th July (virtual sports day - a very amusing video to promote this will be shown in tutor time next week), there will also be a selection of alternative challenges for those who are less inclined to take part in the sports activities.  

Please do take the time to visit our eBulletin. In this week’s bulletin, our history department shares a little more about BLM, a student explores making adverts of her favourite TV shows, some of our Food + Nutrition students cook some delicious meals, a Science student discovers she has green fingers, and we share the results from the 2km virtual house challenge. Well done to everyone involved!

Finally, I would like to wish the whole Grey Court Community a happy and healthy weekend.  Students should try to avoid congregating in large groups around Ham Lands and Teddington lock.  Whilst the weather may be fine, we must all continue to be socially responsible and adhere to the newly relaxed guidelines.  Take care. 

Yours faithfully

Chris Rhodes


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