Important Messages: ACADEMIC TUTORING DAY: Thursday, 3 December 2020 (School will be closed to students)
Headteacher's Update - 5 June 2020


Dear Grey Court Community

As the final half term begins the staff have been busy preparing for our intended partial reopening for Y10 and Y12 from the 15th June. I have written to all Y10 parents giving a detailed plan in terms of logistics, schedule and expectations.  The teachers are very much looking forward to having some face to face time with the students.  The complex plan of scheduled start times, the creation of 'student bubbles' and the format of the actual sessions has been a huge challenge and I would like to thank the senior team, site staff and the pastoral leads who have put a great amount of effort in ensuring that we give our students a truly beneficial educational experience in the limited time that we will have.

Mr Clements, our Head of Sixth Form, will be writing to all Y12 parents with a KS5 specific plan on Wednesday next week.  It is essential that all Y12 students complete the google form that they have been sent as this will determine the 'student bubbles' that will be subsequently created, along with staffing and rooming.  The deadline for this google form was today so if Y12 students have not as yet completed it please urge them to do so ASAP.

This has been the first week of our 'Engagement Focus Month'.  It is very reassuring to know that engagement has risen and that today the school will be sending out a vast number of e-Certificates in recognition and acknowledgement of the work students are doing.  I cannot stress enough the importance of the work that students are completing remotely.  Course coverage and content is time sensitive and given the increased knowledge base now required under our new qualifications, it will not be possible to entirely recap the work completed since lockdown.  I have asked the teachers to focus solely on their lessons and maintaining a high level of educational provision during the imposed shutdown.  I would urge parents to reiterate the importance of not falling behind and to contact the Phase Leaders and Students Support Officers in each year group if they require any assistance.

Next Friday Grey Court will be hosting our 'Virtual' Record of Achievement Ceremony for our Y11 students.  The KS4 team have worked diligently and have been extremely creative in producing an occasion which, whilst not the original, should still enable our wonderful Y11s to reminisce about the great times they have enjoyed at Grey Court.  The link to the video will be sent to all Y11 parents and students next Friday.

Unfortunately, I have received some information about some nefarious and inappropriate activity around the Teddington Lock area which has placed certain Grey Court students in compromising positions.  In addition, there have been reports of our students swimming in the river at the aforementioned location.  I would like to advise parents to keep our students away from the river.  It is an extremely dangerous pursuit and many lives have been lost through this kind of reckless behavior so please be vigilant.  Half term is now finished and students should be adhering to their normal timetables.  They should be busy working and completing homework.  With the slight relaxation of lock down restrictions, groups of students are eventually going to come together, whilst this does not break any regulations it seems likely that more groups of more than six are going to meet.  It is the social responsibility of our young people to avoid these larger gatherings and to adhere to government expectations    

Finally, I am delighted to announce that our weekly eBulletin has now returned.  Please do take the time to enjoy a snapshot of some of the great achievements of our staff and students.  Reading this is such an enriching pursuit, that showcases all that is great about our school and how we persevere in troubled times.  I wish everybody a happy and healthy weekend.  

Take care.

Yours faithfully

Chris Rhodes


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