Important Messages: ACADEMIC TUTORING DAY: Thursday, 3 December 2020 (School will be closed to students)
Headteacher's Update 29th May 2020


Dear Grey Court Community

With the slight moderation of the lockdown procedures I hope this will, or has already, brought some much needed joy to your families.  The ability to meet with a small number of other people (albeit outdoors and whilst observing social distancing) will hopefully enable the children to meet with members of their extended families. This is clearly something that the young people have dearly missed and should bring some comfort and happiness to all concerned.

We have received more guidance concerning the expectations of partial school reopening for Y10 and Y12.  All schools within the trust are currently preparing for a phased system allowing some face to face contact with teaching staff to commence from the 15th June.  Y12s will receive a google form which will ascertain information that will allow us to begin the process of creating 'bubbles' of students.  Given the need to maintain social distancing and ensure that we protect all members of our community, this is a difficult logistical operation, the finer details of which will be sent out to the parents of individual year groups in the next two weeks.  I am sure that parents will have many questions but I would urge all members of the community to await the further minutiae before requesting additional information.

Y11 will continue with their final two weeks of Bridging School on Monday - the feedback has been extremely positive from teachers and we hope that the students have found it an interesting and stimulating way to end the year. Their final day of Y11 will be the 12th June, when they will receive their virtual ROA video, a way for us all to reflect on their Grey Court journey and to say our goodbyes. Parents and carers will also have access to the video. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the finance team who have done a sterling job processing vast numbers of  insurance claims for the trips that we have sadly needed to cancel.  Some refunds have already been issued and there should be more forthcoming in the weeks ahead.

I will be meeting with the Heads of Faculty and Phase Leaders on Monday as we return to online learning.  The younger students will be embarking upon the 'Engagement Focus Month' and we will be looking to vastly increase the number of certificates and other tokens that allow students real affirmation of their endeavours.  This is our overriding priority and hopefully the students, having enjoyed half term, will return refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready for the challenges ahead.

As ever we are open and on hand to assist in any way possible.  If parents have any concerns whatsoever then they should contact their child's Phase Leader or Student Support Officer who will be more than happy to help.  I hope you all enjoy another sunny weekend and wish you every happiness during these testing times.

Yours faithfully

Chris Rhodes


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