Important Messages: The school is now closed to all students except those of key workers.
Headteachers Update - 23rd March


23 March 2020 


Dear Grey Court Community


Day one. Surreal. A near-empty school building and a handful of staff. This will be how it is for the foreseeable future, unfortunately. It's imperative that we all work together to ensure that not only are we keeping safe, but education continues and wellbeing is maintained.


The few students who have been brought into school have shown an exemplary attitude so far. It's important to note that any students on site have been invited onto the site by us. Parents cannot just send their child in and it's also important that parents also do not come onto the site for any reason unless invited. These students should bring their own water bottles, please.  If we were expecting your child to attend school but they are not coming in on any particular day please email in the reason to:


There have been further updates from the DfE on how grades for Y11 and Y13 students will be decided. The documentation is currently being summarised and will be sent out in the coming days.  


Work is being posted on Google Classroom by the teachers. The teachers are online throughout the working day to answer any questions and resolve any problems. There are many other resources/reading lists that have been made available. BBC Bitesize is also a source of material. Some students have been issued with hard copy packs of work if they were going to have difficulty accessing the internet.  There's nothing wrong with a good reading book either. If any child says there is no work to do I would find that an impossibility! 

Form tutors are checking in, as usual, with registration at 8.30am to ensure the students are ready to start the day. The tutor remains the first point of parental contact, please. Tutors know to pass on any emails to me or my Senior Leadership Team as appropriate.

Wellbeing is also a key consideration. It's important to follow the government guidelines with regard to social distancing. It's obvious from the TV images at the weekend that people are still cramming into parks, queuing for supermarkets and going out to busy markets. This is the complete opposite of what should be happening and it puts the health of all of us at risk. Not socialising and interacting with friends and peers is hard but absolutely a necessity. Young and old should still be talking to each other on phones and using Facetime. Exercise can be done in the home and gardens. Currently, walks can be still taken alone and at a distance from people passing by. Mindfulness Apps exist such as Headspace. Structured routines are key and it needs to balance work, rest and exercise. Healthy diet, healthy sleep routines.

I will continue to provide updates as and when. Take care of yourselves.


Yours faithfully


Chris Rhodes



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